Contec ციფრული კოლპოსკოპი (ჩინეთი)

COntec-ის ფირმის ციფრული კოლპოსკოპი SONY მატრიცით, რაც აპარატის მაღალი ვიზუალიზაციის ხარისხზე მეტყველებს


The EC100 Electronic Colposcope is the latest product which applies the digital image technique to gynecology check.It adopts the professional 

hardware equipments of the SONY company in Japan and the system software of our company.Our Electronic Colposcope has some advantages, 

such as clear and exact imaging, no distortion image color, high magnification, large screen display for identifying hairlike focus easily, also through 

image processing system with Chinese version of WindowsXP, you can freeze,collect,store,contrast,print and browse pictures,etc.At the same time,

you can store,review and print the case with forceful and convenient case management system, even index,edit,modify and delete operation,etc. 

All of that could bring tremendous convenience for clinical check and diagnosis.


Main Features

■High resolution images , SONY imaging system

■High speed USB2.0 interface,combined video transmission and data transmission,for more convenient operation

■Quickly automatic focusing and the image quality adjustment

■Powerful Backlight Compensation , Gain Controlling and White balance adjustment

■Video output: Video and S-Video

■Bracket and handle provide a convenient and flexible operating environment

■Adjust with keys and computer software,convenient for controlling.

■Images can be displayed, captured, stored and printed in real-time display digital magnifying data on the screen

■Newcase can be compared with colposcopic images from existed database

■Capable of databasing for managing patient demographics

■Compose, print clinical report with integrated patient images and relevant annotations and doctor's diagnosis

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